Web Design

A London Web Design Agency

ID Studio Web Agency London team understand that a great website is not just about looks (although this certainly helps), website design needs to take into consideration other factors such as usability, the user interface and journey, goals and objectives, target markets and localisation.

We pride ourselves on producing highly engaging, aesthetically impressive and conversion focused designs that achieve results.

Web Design Process

The key to a successful website design is planning. Before we start any project we listen to the goals you are trying to achieve and gain an understanding of your business so that we can visualise it within the design process.

Once we have enough information we put together a Coggle diagram which outlines all the different sections and pages within your website. It also helps to illustrate the website flow and call to action triggers.

We then look to create detailed wireframes that show the structure of all core pages within the Coggle diagram. The wireframes act as a guide for our web design team, who use them to make sure all elements are transferred over into the designs. Wireframes are a great way to ensure that key information is communicated and the page is not overloaded with too much information. At this stage our development team view and analyses the wireframes to ensure there is going to be no potential issues when it comes to the development stage of the project.

Once the wireframes are approved we create static designs for the entire website using Adobe Photoshop.

Web Design Review Tool

ID Studio Web Agency developed a secure product design and workflow app that allows clients to log in, view and comment on wireframes, mood boards, brand assets and web designs as and when they are uploaded. It is a tool that allows us to communicate with our clients with regards to designs, gathering feedback and moving projects forward.

As you add feedback our design team are automatically notified. Once updates have been posted you will receive a notification and can review the changes and mark comments as resolved or add additional feedback.