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You know the facts already, Mobile and App development is rocking and where it’s at!

Accessing the web through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet devices is increasing at an astronomical rate. In 2008 mobile access to the Internet exceeded desktop computer-based access for the first time (Source: International Telecommunications Union, Oct 2009). By not having a mobile friendly web site you are potentially losing out on a massive client base.

Could you imagine designing a new web site and agreeing that it will not work on the majority of browsers? You are ignoring the mass of users who are accessing the Internet via mobile devices, this is effectively what you are doing.

There is a distinct process involved in the design of a mobile site for mobile devices. The most cost effective way to create a mobile site is to modify your existing site so that it is compatible with the majority of mobile handsets. If you are building a new web site, ensuring that it is mobile friendly usually adds relatively low costs to the overall development budget. Generally, this would involve designing a scaled back version of the site that will render correctly on the majority of modern smartphone and tablet devices.

We are quickly migrating our design, concepts, planning and development skills into this market and having a great time in the process. This is really a wide open market, with almost limitless potential. Our mission right now is to bring the benefits of mobile sites and Apps to our growing client base. Below is a sneak preview of projects that are in the pipeline and will be released soon.

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