We are pleased to launch a great new social network & iPhone App called miDailyDiet, which is quickly becoming popular. It’s very addictive if you love food and exercise.

miDailyDiet allows you to share your own Diet, Exercise regimes & lifestyle or track anyone else’s around the world.

miDailyDiet is a FREE live social network for anyone aged sixteen (16) & over which connects you to the latest information regarding people’s diets & fitness. Simply find & Track the Diet(s) / Fitness genre(s) that most suits your lifestyle & goals. Users can Post daily information regarding a Status, Meal, Exercise & Photos. Each Post can be up to 300 characters long & connected to each update is the option to upload a picture for that Post. Posts are displayed by day & users can select to view all posts made each day in a Live Feed or on user’s Profiles. You can share your lifestyle within your Posts, or simply give tips to your Diet Trackers.

Features: Search for users by Name, Gender or Diet type. Track users Diets, Post New Status, Meal or Exercises along with a Photo or Web address, view Posts in the Live Feed & on users Profiles by Day, Discuss & Rate Posts, Message users, add Photos & Photo Albums, Block / Unblock users, share optional Info about yourself including Age, Gender, Weight, Height, Web address, Diet Type & About / Goals.

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