BeerScreen TV Interface

BeerScreen TV Interface

BeerScreen is a brand new product powered by the Perfect Pint system that ID Studio Web Agency engineered, designed and developed. It allows pub landlords to display their real-time beer selection on TVs all around their establishment. Studies have proven that beer drinkers are more inclined to experiment with beers where information is provided, in particular, beer tasting notes. This results in more customers served which in turn increases revenue.

Along with the real-time beer information, the system also has the ability to display social feeds: from check-ins to that pub via the Perfect Pint app, to @mentions of the pub or tweets via Twitter. Landlords also have the ability to run promotions on the screen, e.g. advertising a food special on a certain day of the week.

Via the control panel, the landlord is provided with a selection of customisation options: from screen layout to glassware types, from logos to background images. Landlords only have to add or edit their beers in a single location, in turn updating the website, mobile site, app and BeerScreen all at the same time behind the scenes.

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