Yappie Pivot

Yappie Pivot

The second generation of the Yappie app aims to make podcasting truly social. Since the launch of the first generation of the app we have seen many applications enter the social audio landscape. Like our own app a consistent problem has affected their longevity and success. A distinct lack of quality and regular content means the large quantity of would be listeners have nothing to tune in and listen to.

The Yappie pivot is aiming to tackle this issue head on. By plugging into the world of podcasting we are giving our user base unlimited access to professional, quality, flowing content. This coupled with a truly social element and the ability to create and promote your own audio content, means Yappie will be the first application to create a social podcasting platform. Combine this with a neat and slick user interface and we are confident we can change how podcasts will be enjoyed and listen to like never before.

At ID Studio Web Agency we always enjoy working with other web design agencies, creative studios and creative individuals. Rampage is an innovative visual storytelling production team based in the UK. They bring ideas to life on screen with an essential ingredient – personality. ID Studio Web Agency ensured that personality lived up to its expectations on the new Rampage web site.

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