With faceshift you become your avatar! The software uses markerless motion technology to capture facial animations that are realistic and emotional. It’s truly impressive and used by some of the largest studios in entertainment: from movie studios like DreamWorks and Disney to game studio behemoths like EA, SEGA and Activision.

ID Studio Web Agency had the privilege of working on this great website project from our office based in London. The client’s brief was simple: reshape the online presentation and provide faceshift with a solid new foundation for the site. The logo was modernised, whilst keeping it simple and meaningful to their core business. The end results played a part in Apple acquiring Faceshift, a fantastic result!

We kick-started the project with a focus on planning and creativity. Our primary goal was to ensure visitors knew exactly what faceshift does and encourage them to download the software using obvious call-to-action triggers.

The site uses a responsive framework so that it renders well on modern smart phones, tablets and browsers. We then integrated Laravel as the back-end framework and FastSpring as the payment gateway. FastSpring has been a popular choice amongst our clients recently, with Made with Mischief using the same gateway solution for their software.

With the new site live, faceshift will focus on increased software sales and investing in new 3D camera technology.

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