Established in 1976 as the software house of Arup, Oasys is now recognised as a leading commercial developer of engineering software for structural, geotechnical, crowd analysis and document management solutions. We have been working with Oasys Software to deliver their new ecommerce platform for the main company web site with maintenance and support.

Oasys software’s innovative solutions are characterised by attractive, intuitive interfaces and the speed and power with which they allow users to test ideas quickly and cost effectively. They enable engineers to define and solve the most complex of design problems accurately, with complete confidence in their compliance with international standards and compatibility with other leading packages.

Oasys, strive to stay at the forefront of technological innovation to ensure their software exceeds the demands of users across the globe. They have teams of highly experienced developers working closely with commercial representatives to ensure their software is regularly updated and new products are brought to the market to allow customers achieve their objectives easier, faster and with the highest possible degree of accuracy.

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